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Women and Criminal Justice vol33 no1to6.pdf
Contains articles on: examining the decriminalization of adultery in India, gender and the strategic and tactical logic of Boko Haram's suicide bombers, far-right violent extremist women, female crime and delinquency, and more.

Contents include: articles on Fields, features, and filters: how dating applications construct sexual fields and romantic and erotic capital; Swedish poly utopia: Dreams, revolutions, and crushed hopes; Drawgasms: Playing with expectations and…

meridians 22.1.png
Contents include: articles on European BIPOC Feminisms; Are Reindeer the New Buffalo?: Climate Change, the Green Shift, and Manifest Destiny in Sápmi; Flamboyant: Wildness, Loss, and Possibility in Feminist Organizing in the Netherlands; and more.

Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 11.52.14 AM.png
Contents include: articles on Women in the Malestream Study of Crime: Exploring Three Swedish Journals throughout the Last Century; Female Crime and Delinquency: A Kaleidoscope of Changes at the Intersection of Gender and Age; The Right to Life,…

Contents include: articles on The Transformative Potential of Feminist Foreign Policy: The Case of Sweden; How Gender Affects Negative and Positive Campaigning; Critical Analysis of the Implementation of Clean India Mission in the Rural Areas: A…

nora (4).pdf
Contents include: articles on Towards a transformative space for conversations about sexualised violence? Obstacles, strategies and precarious moments; Embodying Difference: Iranian Women’s Working Life Experiences in Norway; Discursive Constructions…

Women and Crim Justice cover.pdf
Contents include: articles on The Nordic Paradox. Professionals’ Discussions about Gender Equality and Intimate Partner Violence against Women in Sweden; Legal Barriers and Re-Victimization for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Navigating Courts…

femcrim 18.1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Femicide and Feminicide in Mexico: Patterns and Trends in Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Regions; Challenges to Reintegration: A Qualitative Intrinsic Case-Study of Convicted Female Sex Traffickers ; Reinvestigating the…

EJWS 29.3.pdf
Contents include: articles on gender, islamophobia, gender in the workplace, Formula I and W series racing, and more.
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