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JOURNAL OF Gender based violence.jpg
Contents include: articles on Bystander experiences of domestic violence and abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic; Ambivalent sexism, mental health and partner violence among opposite-sex and same-sex couples; and more

Gender in Management.png
Contains articles on: CEO personal characteristics and firms' risk-taking behaviour: the moderating role of family ownership; gender diversity, foreign directors and sector-wise corporate philanthropic giving of Islamic banks in Bangladesh; a study…

gender issues.jpg
Contents include: articles on Patriarchal Masculinities and Cyberbullying on Facebook: Unraveling Interconnections and Implications in the Context of Bangladesh; and more.

Contents include articles on: the right to legal capacity, its recognition in human rights law, and challenges for women with disabilities; dementia, a gendered issue that intersects with ageing and disability rights in Malaysia; youth perspectives…

Contents include articles on: effects of the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme on 'the bad apples'; perceptions of safety and experiences of gender-based violence at UK music festivals; feminism, power, and politics in policing rape research;…

feminist formations.pdf
Contents include: articles on Socio-Legal Empowerment for Working Women in Bangladesh; Decolonial Reproductive Justice: Analyzing Reproductive Oppression in India; The Albany Birth Justice Storytelling Project: Integrating Feminist Pedagogy into…

COVER Gender Place Culture.jpg
Contents Include:Research Articles Law, space and power: spatiality in the European Court of Human Rights judgments on homosexuality | Iiris KestiläAffectual intensities: toward a politics of listening in court ethnography | Sarah…

IndianJournOfGenderStudies 29.3.pdf
Contents include: articles on ‘No Country for Old Women’: Female Aging
in Bollywood; Presence Without Empowerment? Women in
Rural Local Government in Bangladesh; A Hauntology of Clandestine Transmissions: Spectres of Gender and Race in Electronic…

PakistanJournalOfWomensStudies vol. 29 no. 1.pdf
Contents include: articles on engendering women in Bangladesh's politics, gender sensitive policy initiatives, contributions of Pakistani female researchers, and more.

Contents include: articles on From Abortion Rights to Reproductive Justice: A Call to Action, Feminist Except for Palestine: Where Are Feminist Social Workers on Palestine?, Examining Social Work Students Knowledge of and Attitudes About Abortion…
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