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Contains articles on: academic women's silences in Iran: exploring with positioning theory; medical fetishism in education: gender the 'clinical' metaphor; Korean students' gendered and classed acquirement of transnational mobility through studying…

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Contents include: Special Issue: “From the Seed of Love We Sow”: Further Research on Tahirih Qurrat al-ʿAyn, edited by Omid Ghaemmaghami and Sasha Dehghani

Contents include: articles on women and their interests in rural India; population control and eugenics; the state of women's rights in Iran; and more.

Contents include: articles on Creation of chaste Muslim widows in late imperial Confucian-Islamic cultural encounters; Contesting patriarchy: Employment and gender roles of East Asian middle-class marriage migrants in Taiwan; Resistance through…

Contents include: articles on The politics of gender representation and successful ageing in internet pornography; From campus to legislatures: Women’s experience of electoral politics in Indonesia; Resisting biopower for reproductive rights:…

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Contents include: Editorial - Feona Attwood Research Articles 'What's in a name?' The discursive construction of gender identity over time - Sofia AboimMapping transgender studies in Portugal: a systematic search and narrative review - Carla Moleiro,…

Contents include: articles on Covid-19 and the Social Politics of Crisis; Care, Labour, and Social Policy; and more.

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Contents inclide: articles on Reconsidering the Visual Sphere of Femininity in Tehran; ‘If I had any luck, he’d be a corpse’: Harriet Vane and the Psychogeographic Nature of Detection; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Utah Women’s Narratives: Narrative, Performance, and Collaboration; “Archipelagic Penal Spaces”: The Iraqi Muslim Woman and the Abject Female Soldier in Helen Benedict’s Sand Queen; Towards a Differential Ethics of…

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Contents include: articles on How Women's Presence in Tehran's Public Spaces Compares to Shari'a Prescriptions, Old Tehran and Contemporary Tehran; The Role of the Shari'a Court in Divorce in Palestine; Princesses Born to Concubines: A First Visit to…
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