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Contents include: articles on The digital nesting of Black feminism; Decolonising demand for paid domestic work and childcare: Beyond dyadic relationships and Western models; Writing with an accent: Travelling scholars and xenophone scholarship; and…

Contents include: articles on Becoming Muslim: Converting old and new practices through ‘turning away’; For sled dogs and women: Hormonal contraception and animacy hierarchies in Danish/Greenlandic Depo-Provera debates; Non-binary gender markers:…

european journal of womens studies 30.1.pdf
Contents include: articles on Room of her own: Remaking empty nest and creating herspaces in practices of Polish mothers whose children left home; The politics of tending to the body: Women doing yoga in Genoa (Italy); Equal bodies: The notion of the…

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Contents include: "Special Issue: Transformative Activism: Feminist and Queer Imaginaries"

EJWS 29.3.pdf
Contents include: articles on gender, islamophobia, gender in the workplace, Formula I and W series racing, and more.

Contents include: articles on The gender and sexual politics of the COVID-19 pandemic; Spanish youth at the crossroads of gender and sexuality during the COVID-19 pandemic; When vulnerability got mainstream: Reading the pandemic through disability…

Contents include: articles on Artistic memory and Roma women’s history through an intersectional lens: The Giuvlipen Theater, ‘Fear of walking home alone’: Urban spaces of fear in youth nightlife, The gender wage gap in the public and private…

Contents include: articles on Forced Labor in Supply Chains: Rolling Back the Debate on Gender, Migration, and Sexual Commerce; Documenting Conversion: Framings of Female Converts to Islam in British and Swiss Documentaries; Ethnic Minority Women in…

Contents include: special issue on Feminist Emotions.
Guest Editors: Éléonore Lépinard and Lucile Quéré.
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