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Contents include: articles on The Future of Midwifery: "We know where midwifery has been, but where is it headed? This issue shares a variety of perspectives on that question. From short responses to the question addressed by numerous birthworkers,…

Contents include: articles on Tear Prevention: "Preventing tears has long been a concern for birthworkers. Different midwives approach this differently and it has changed over the years. Our midwives share their wisdom in this issue. In addition, we…

Contents include: articles on Shoulder Dystocia: "Shoulder dystocia is a complication that is infrequent, but midwives need to be up to date in their knowledge of it and its resolution. This issue addresses the mindset needed for success, as well as…

Contents include: articles on Homebirth: "Homebirth is best, when possible. We are seeing it increase during the pandemic because women are afraid to go to the hospital, because of fear of exposure and policies that prohibit them from having support…

Contents include: articles on Hemorrhage: "Hemorrhage in or after pregnancy is a leading cause of perinatal death around the world. This issue focuses on this important topic, including articles on how to avoid it and how to deal with a hemorrhage…

Contents include: articles on Covid-19 in Pregnancy and Birth: "Midwives and other birthworkers around the world have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic that has been shaking the world this year. This issue is focused on what is happening both in…

Contents include: articles on Third Stage: "Third stage is the theme for our first online issue of Midwifery Today. It covers topics from information on avoiding active management to placenta encapsulation and unusual placentas and incidents, and…

Contents include: articles on newborn care in a developing country, perinatal obsessive compulsive disorder, integrating maternity care in China, and more.

Contents include: articles on home birth, umbilical granulomas, consultation visits, and more.

Contents include: articles on birth trauma, healing from homebirth turned cesarean Doula care, and more.
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