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Contents include: articles on Stalled Life with Rhetoric: Notorious RBG and the Limits of Feminist Imagery; (Re)productive Dissent: Reproductive Justice in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization; Toward Mainstreaming of Feminist…

Contents include: articles on Conversation and Commentary: After ROE: Teaching and Researching Reproductive Justice; Singled Out and Mocked: Intersection of (Hetero)Sexism and Ableism and Mobilization of Anti-Discourses in Online Hatred towards…

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Contents include: articles on “Didn’t She Used to Sell That WAP?”: Cardi B, Clashing Femininities, and Citizenship; “Periods Don’t Stop for Pandemics”: The Implications of COVID-19 for Online and Offline Menstrual Activism in Great Britain;…

Contents include: articles on Killing a “Monster”: Lisa Montgomery, Carceral Logics, and the Rhetoric of Sexual Trauma; “I Never Liked Him”: Ryan Adams and the Toxification of Masculinity in the Post-MeToo Digital Era; Anti-TERF: Trans Feminisms…

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Contents include: articles on Against Gender Essentialism: Reproductive Justice Doulas and Gender Inclusivity in Pregnancy and Birth Discourse; Ace Awakening: Communication Sources That Lead to Affirming Asexual-Spectrum Identities; Of Markets,…

Contents Include: articles on Conversation and Commentary: Remembering bell hooks; Gendered Indian Digital Publics Along Matrices of Domination / Oppression; and more.

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Contents include: articles on white masculinity, Donald Trump, girlhood, race, and celebrity, menstrual taboos, and more.

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Contents include: articles on Fear of a Black City: Gender and Postracial Sovereignty in Death Wish (2018); Outrage Epistemology: Affective Excess as a Way of Knowing in Feminist Scholarship; Women's Fitness Practices in Postfeminist…

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Special Issue: Collective Rage: Unpacking the Constraints, Privilege, and Roles of Academic Mothers During a Global Pandemic; and more.

Contents include: issue on Conversation and Commentary: Embracing Black Feminist Joy and Pleasure in Communication Studies
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