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Contents include: articles on Justice For Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Conference Report; Addressing Inequity and Injustice In the Family Law System; How Bias Manifests in New York State's Family Law System; and more.

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Contents include: articles on Barriers and Strategies to Finding Employment for Substance-Involved Women Leaving Jail: A Feminist Analysis; Gendered Prison and Reentry Experiences: Perspectives From Rural People on Parole; Prioritizing Protection:…

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Contents include: articles on Femicide and Feminicide in Mexico: Patterns and Trends in Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Regions; Challenges to Reintegration: A Qualitative Intrinsic Case-Study of Convicted Female Sex Traffickers ; Reinvestigating the…

Contents include: articles on Techniques of Identity Talk in Reentering Mothers’ Self-Narratives: (M)othering and Redemption Narratives, Building a Holistic Typology to Inform Service Delivery for Women on Community Supervision, How Do Gender,…

Contents include: articles on Cinco décadas de linguística feminista: índices de consolidação do campo, La mirada femenina a cine etnográfico documental. Reassemblage (Trinh T. Minh-ha, 1982), Mulheres em um mundo de homens: representação feminina em…

Contents include: articles on a comparative method to explain increasing female crime share in the United States, incarcerated mothers' perceptions of reunification and resuming a caregiver role, an exploratory model of intimate femicide among male…

Contents include: articles on a feminist reflection on male victims of conflict-related sexual violence, Cologne and the (un)making of transnational approaches to sexual violence, benevolent sexism in President Trump's tweets, and more.
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