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Contents include: articles on Rape and social death; Crashing bodies: towards an intersectional assemblage theory of domestic violence; Abolition of the family: the most infamous feminist proposal; and more.

Contents include articles on: sexual harassment and sexual violence in the music industry; the nature of domestic violence experienced by Black and minoritised women and specialist service provision during the COVID-19 pandemic; coercive control…

Contents include articles on: effects of the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme on 'the bad apples'; perceptions of safety and experiences of gender-based violence at UK music festivals; feminism, power, and politics in policing rape research;…

Contents include articles on: the impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures on the post-separation experiences of domestic abuse survivors; addressing intimate-partner violence during COVID-19 in the EU; domestic homicide reviews as a source of data; and…

Contents include articles on: partner's violence during the COVID-19 lockdown and women's fear: a study involving anti-violence centres in Italy; COVID-19, violence against women and support for Black and minoritised survivors; the role of NGO…

Contents include articles on: understanding the rise of sexual violence in India; catalysts and rationales for reporting staff sexual misconduct to UK higher education institutions; the lived experiences of Turkish men's engagement in domestic…

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Contents include: articles on Justice For Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Conference Report; Addressing Inequity and Injustice In the Family Law System; How Bias Manifests in New York State's Family Law System; and more.

Contents include: articles on (Un)Belonging: The Production of Black Trans Loneliness; Latinas Experiences with Sexual Satisfaction, Pleasure and Desire: An Exploratory Qualitative Study; Taking Care at Work: Gender, Coping, and Anti-Violence Work…

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Contents include: articles on Rape and Social Death; Antigone re-imagined: Uprooted Women's Political Narratives; Making Feminist Sense in the Global South: A Conversation with Urvashi Butalia; and more.

Contents include: articles on Coercion with Morality: Chinese Police Officers’ Gendered Policing Strategies in Domestic Violence Cases; Conditions of Confinement and Incarcerated Women’s Mental Health; A First Step in Understanding Influences on…
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