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Contents include: articles on Black Feminisms in the Caribbean and the United States: Representation, Rebellion, Radicalism, and Reckoning

Contents include: articles on Feminist pedagogy through the small fieldnote; At the Crossroads: Caribbean Women and (Black) Feminist Ethnography in the Time of HIV/AIDS; “Nothing Feels Better than Getting Paid”: Sex Working Trans Latinas’ Meanings…

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Contents include: articles on Barriers to Family Planning Among Women With Severe Mental Illness; Rural-Urban Differences in Unintended Pregnancies, Contraceptive Nonuse, and Terminated Pregnancies in Latin America and the Caribbean; “Mommy’s Having…

Contents include: articles on The Benefits and Supervisory Styles of Women Police Leaders; Perceptions of Police Among Kenyan Female Immigrants in the United States; A Comparison of Women’s Motivations to Enter the Police Profession in the Caribbean;…

Contents include: special issue - Reprezentace genderu v populární kultuře (Representation of Gender in Popular Culture)

Contents include: special issue - The Unexpected Caribbean, Part II

Contents include: articles on Neuroticism biases memory self-report in women, Effect of different forms of physical activity on balance in older women, How do Black Caribbean-born Women Living in the UK Construct Their Experience of Retirement? A…

Contents include: articles on keeping our hearts open, Dominicans in the Haitian imaginary, queering race and the maternal in Patricia Powell's "The Pagoda" and more.

Contents include: articles on Black Caribbean women and the decolonization of thick Black female bodies, Black lesbian women in South Africa, Decolonizing the Hijab, and more.

Contents include: articles on gender and sexuality in Australia, challenges of feminist geography in Taiwan, men and anti-violence initiatives in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and more.
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