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Contents include: articles on women and their interests in rural India; population control and eugenics; the state of women's rights in Iran; and more.

Contents include: articles on The ‘Housewife’ on an Education Mission: An Ethnographic Portrait; COVID-19 and Its Impact on Diverse Aspects of Women’s Lives; Women and Resistance in the Conflict-Affected Bodoland Territorial Council Region of Assam;…

Contents include: articles on New Histories of Gender, Mobility and Labour: India and the Indian Diaspora; Stranded: Indian Travelling Ayahs Negotiating Waiting and Repatriation; Bodies That Cohere: Notes on Ganja and Gender in Colonial India; and…

IndianJournOfGenderStudies 29.3.pdf
Contents include: articles on ‘No Country for Old Women’: Female Aging
in Bollywood; Presence Without Empowerment? Women in
Rural Local Government in Bangladesh; A Hauntology of Clandestine Transmissions: Spectres of Gender and Race in Electronic…

Contents include: articles on Narrating Legal Reform: The Open Letter and the Anti-rape Movement in Perspective; Iron in the Soul: Two-Child Norm in Population Policies Again; Technology, Gender and Fishing in an Odisha Village; and more.

Contents include: articles on Judicial Approaches to the Criminalisation of Marital Rape, Gender Discourses and the Making of the Indian Constitution, Gendered Technologies: Youth, Gender and Mobile Phones in Chennai City, and more.

Contents include: articles on Prioritising Quantity over Quality: Lopsided Approach to Girl Child Education in the Bihar Government’s Schemes, Chick Lit in India: A Step Towards Power Feminism, Media Sensitivity Towards Cybercrimes Against Women, and…

Contents include: articles on Transgenders in the Mainstream: Welfare Schemes in Kerala—Kochi Metro Rail Project, Education Programme, Health Clinics, and Old-Age Pension, Effects of International Male Migration on Wives Left Behind in Rural Tamil…

Contents include: articles on Feminism and Its Discontents: Punishing Sexual Violence in India, Female Labour Supply in Tamil Nadu: Some Questions, Menstrual Hygiene Practices of Adolescent Girls in Rural Maharashtra, and more.

Contents include: articles on caste-like marital prohibitions in Israel, Dalit girls and sexual harassment in the University, women's collectives, and more.
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